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Crayons 2 Computers

I get so many materials and ideas from Crayons to Computers.  It is a free store for teachers in the greater Cincinnati tri-state area.  Teachers are eligible to shop at C2C based on the percentage of students that are in the free and reduced lunch program at their school.  Teachers can also earn a free shopping trip at C2C by volunteering for 3 hours.  You can support C2C by making donations or volunteering!  Here is their website.

keimer-class-sign copy

I loved this little message a student left after she was done with the mini magna doodle.

Progress Monitoring, Reading

My Fluency Progress Monitoring Graph

This is a graph I made for students to record their fluency progress using the cold, warm and hot reading strategy for repeated reading. The first page is an example of a completed fluency graph I made.  The file contains 3 graph templates that I use for students with different goals and present levels of performance in reading fluency.  There is a graph with a range 0-50, 0-100, and 0-150.  The graphs can be used to record data over a 6 week period, with 1 story and 3 repeated readings per week.  Students really enjoy graphing the data and seeing their progress with reading fluency, and it provides great data for progress monitoring students’ goals.  Here you go!


My Fluency Progress Monitoring Graph

Bulletin Boards, Fun Stuff

Spring Is Here

I love teaching in the spring.  I love putting away my January and February materials and getting out my spring stuff.  I put up this bulletin board in my room and after spring break, I am going to work with some of my students on writing spring Haikus to go on the bulletin board.

Here is the bulletin board now.

spring-bulletin-board copy

I added a couple spring items to my TpT page if you’d like to check them out!

Here is a sample of a spring font I made.

flower font

 ckflowers font preview

Happy first day of spring!


Easter Basket Writing Activity

This is an Easter creative writing activity I used with my students this week.  They did a great job and were super creative with their writing.  Students have to list 5 things that they are hoping to find in their Easter basket, and then write a 5 sentence paragraph about their dream Easter basket.  Students listed items like i-phones, make up, a puppy, jewelry, i pad, and of course candy.  They seemed to have lots of fun did a nice job.  With my younger students and more reluctant writers, we did a Easter basket craft afterwards.  Enjoy!

Easter Writing

easter writing 1 easter writing 2

Easter Basket Craft

Here is the little Easter basket craft some students did.  We don’t have a lot of time for crafts in my room but I do like to use them for two reasons; 1) as an incentive for reluctant writers and 2) to practice following directions!

Sight Words

Spelling Aides

These are two documents to help students with spelling sight words correctly!  Both contain the Dolch 220 sight words, Pre-Primer through Third Grade on a one page document.  I created these spelling aides to give to students as an accommodation to help them with writing.  My Spelling Buddy is the document I use for elementary age students and My Spelling Aide is the document I use for middle and high school students.  (I tried to make it look appropriate for older students.)  I worked with some older students last year who used this to help them with writing.  I hope you like them!  I will put them on my tpt page soon.  Let me know what you think!  Blessings,  Courtney


My Spelling Aide

My Spelling Buddy


Guidelines for Success

I created these posters to illustrate the Guidelines for Success at my elementary school. They are the school wide behavior expectations for students which include 1) Be respectful, 2) Be responsible, 3) Always try, 4) Do your best, 5) Cooperate with others, and 6) Treat everyone with respect. I made the font and the graphics. I am going to use these posters to make a bulletin board and thought I would share them!

medium-601410-4 medium-601410-1 medium-601410-3medium-601410-2

Guidelines for Success Posters

guidelines bulletin board

Here is a bulletin board I made using the posters.  The little dots are ladybug push pins to go with the spring flowers border.


Hello teachers!

My name is Courtney and I am an Intervention Specialist.  I started this blog to share ideas and resources that help kids learn.  I love creating activities, posters, worksheets, behavior charts, clip art, fonts, graphic organizers, etc., and I would love to create things to help you with whatever you might need!

I hope you are enjoying a nice Wednesday snow day.  I teach part-time this year and I am off on Wednesdays but I am sure enjoying my husband being here with me. (He is a teacher too.)  Welp, here it is, my first post.  It is a leprechaun writing activity I recently created.  It is also available at my store at Teachers Pay Teachers, although free there as well.  Let me know what you think and what kinds of things would be helpful for you!

Leprechaun Writing activity

 leprechaun leprechaun2

  leprechaun craft

I loved this student’s leprechaun and her little note.  He is sad because somebody stole his gold.  Cute.