Hello teachers!

My name is Courtney and I am an Intervention Specialist.  I started this blog to share ideas and resources that help kids learn.  I love creating activities, posters, worksheets, behavior charts, clip art, fonts, graphic organizers, etc., and I would love to create things to help you with whatever you might need!

I hope you are enjoying a nice Wednesday snow day.  I teach part-time this year and I am off on Wednesdays but I am sure enjoying my husband being here with me. (He is a teacher too.)  Welp, here it is, my first post.  It is a leprechaun writing activity I recently created.  It is also available at my store at Teachers Pay Teachers, although free there as well.  Let me know what you think and what kinds of things would be helpful for you!

Leprechaun Writing activity

 leprechaun leprechaun2

  leprechaun craft

I loved this student’s leprechaun and her little note.  He is sad because somebody stole his gold.  Cute.


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