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Sight Word Flashcards with Visuals

I made these flashcards to help students learn their sight words using the visuals cues. I do a Multiple Intelligences assessment on each of my students and so many of my students are visual learners, I wanted to give them a strategy that worked for them! Also, in a reading course I took while working towards my special education licensure, I read that when visuals are embedded in the materials, students are more likely to make the connection, so that is what I tried to do. I made the graphics and the font. For some of the sight words it was easy to come up with a visual to accompany the text. Some of the sight words are abstract and were a little more difficult, so I came up with auditory cues to help students understand all the visuals and put everything together for them. The idea is to use these flashcards until students are able to identify the all the words immediately, and then gently wean them off the visuals. I have product packets on TpT that contains sight word flashcards with visuals for the pre-primer and primer lists, auditory cues to accompany the flashcards, flashcards without visuals, a checklist for progress monitoring and a graph for progress monitoring. These materials have really worked to help a lot of my students.  Here are the links.

sight words pre primer pic          Primer Flashcards Preview

Also, here are blank flashcard templates I made that students to use to help them learn sight words or vocabulary.  On the first page, students can draw pictures to accompany their sight words or vocabulary.  On the second page (not pictured), students can make tactile flashcards using glitter glue or plastic screens and crayons.


Sight Word Flashcard Template

 Sight Word Vocabulary Flashcard Template (for visuals and tactile cues)


That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9


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Mother’s Day Freebies

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12.  This is my second Mother’s Day as a mom and it is so special.  ❤  I wrote a couple fluency passages for Mother’s Day and created some activities to use with them as interventions.  One is for grades 4-5.  It includes an informational text fluency passage, 2 pages of comprehension questions and a letter writing template.  Another one is for grades 2-3.  It includes a fluency passage, comprehension questions, a template for creating a list of the top 10 reasons you love your mom, and a Mother’s Day craft.  Both are available at my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Here are the links.

Mother’s Day fluency grades 2-3

Mother’s Day fluency grades 4-5

mdf1 mdf2

Here is an example of the craft.

Mother's Day Craft copy

And for some more Mother’s Day fun, here is a template for Mother’s Day Coupons.

Mothers Day Coupons

mothers day coupons

Finally, here is a Mother’s Day letter matching activity you could use with preschool or kindergarten age students.


Mother’s Day letter matching activity


“He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children.  Praise the Lord!” (Psalm 113:9)


Happy Mother’s Day mommas!

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Free Fonts!

There is a zip file with 20 of my fonts available on TpT.  It is free for personal use and $3.00 for commercial use.

Here is a preview of my fonts file on TpT.

CKfonts preview

Here is the link to the *free* file.


I love fonts.

Also, I was at Target last week and found these treasures in the One Spot.


I got the 3 pails, which I already filled, mechanical pencils, colored paper clips, which any Intervention Specialist can appreciate, and gem magnets in the middle.  This stuff made my day.

Lastly, I wanted to share some REAL divine intervention…

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

(Psalm 37:4)

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State Testing Checklist!

State testing is coming up and I want my students to have the best chance possible of passing.  Of course.  🙂  I made this picture checklist for each of my students.  They all receive accommodations and will be testing one on one or with a small group.  The person administering their test will fill out the checklist and then I can see how my students did!  It is really an effort checklist, which is more important to me than if they pass or not.  This week I am having my students fill out the bottom portion and choose an incentive to work for.  I hope I can celebrate with each of my students after they crush the state tests!  Maybe you can try it with your students!

Testing Checklist

Testing Checklist

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Short Vowel Sounds – Recordable Frames

Here is a little resource for you.  It’s just a simple alphabet model.  Now days they are on about every student name tag at their desk, but I like to use this one in the resource room.  It’s a little bigger and there’s not as much going on as on those name tags.

Here is the document.  There is a color version and a black and white one.

alphabet model

And here is an idea for you!  I have been collecting these small recordable frames from Crayons to Computers for the past couple months.  Teachers are able to take 2 frames per shopping trip.  I finally got an idea how to use them to help my kids.  I have a kindergarten student right now who is working on blending consonant vowel consonant pattern words.  He has a hard time with short /e/ and short /a/ sounds and always mixes them up.  We have been doing short vowel sorts with the two sounds, but they are just tricky!  So I framed each of the vowels in the little frames and then recorded the short vowel sounds on them.  So now we can use short vowel frames for word sorts and other activities too!  I am pretty excited about them.

Here are the capitals.

Short Vowel Recordable Frames Capital copy

Here are the lowercase in the ABC center.

Short Vowel Recordable Frames Lowercase copy

The little button for the recording is down at the bottom.

Happy Friday!


Earth Day Fun

Earth Day is coming up and when I was at Crayons to Computers last week I found these stickers…

Earth Day Stickers copy


So then I created this little writing activity to help kids celebrate Earth Day.  Like other writing activities I’ve posted, there is a pre-writing activity where students are to list 5 things they will do to show the Earth some love.  🙂  I did this with a couple students yesterday and they had great ideas like plant trees, pick up litter, go to the park, have a picnic, feed the birds, ride their bike, etc.  Then students write a paragraph using their ideas about how they will show the Earth some love.  There is also a poster I made that you can use to display students’ writing.  I am going to have my students make posters too using these Earth Day stickers!

Earth 1 earth 2earth 3

Earth Day Writing

Earth Day is April 22.  I will share some of my students’ posters soon!

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Spring Haikus

Some of my students wrote haikus this week about spring and they turned out awesome!  I wrote one as an example and all my students’ poems were better than mine.  Here are some of my favorites.


You will need wax worms
Fishing Poles will be needed
Catch the biggest one


Grass can be itchy
Ladybugs live in the grass
Grass is always green


Dark clouds piling up
Lightening flashes in the sky
Should we go inside?

Aren’t they good?  I am so proud.  They really enjoyed writing these.  They didn’t seem to realize they were working on things like handwriting,  correct spacing and spelling!  Here is the template we used and little background information about haiku poetry.

Haiku Activity

I’m not sure if I should hang these on the spring bulletin board I made or if I should put them together and make a book.

spring sign