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Short Vowel Sounds – Recordable Frames

Here is a little resource for you.  It’s just a simple alphabet model.  Now days they are on about every student name tag at their desk, but I like to use this one in the resource room.  It’s a little bigger and there’s not as much going on as on those name tags.

Here is the document.  There is a color version and a black and white one.

alphabet model

And here is an idea for you!  I have been collecting these small recordable frames from Crayons to Computers for the past couple months.  Teachers are able to take 2 frames per shopping trip.  I finally got an idea how to use them to help my kids.  I have a kindergarten student right now who is working on blending consonant vowel consonant pattern words.  He has a hard time with short /e/ and short /a/ sounds and always mixes them up.  We have been doing short vowel sorts with the two sounds, but they are just tricky!  So I framed each of the vowels in the little frames and then recorded the short vowel sounds on them.  So now we can use short vowel frames for word sorts and other activities too!  I am pretty excited about them.

Here are the capitals.

Short Vowel Recordable Frames Capital copy

Here are the lowercase in the ABC center.

Short Vowel Recordable Frames Lowercase copy

The little button for the recording is down at the bottom.

Happy Friday!


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