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Autobiography Poems

My students’ Autobiography Poems turned out awesome and I wanted to share a couple!  I also had my students “make” themselves after they wrote their poem and I displayed the craft with the writing.

This one was really cute. We made glasses out of paperclips. 🙂

Autobiography Poem 1
Cute, funny, playful, smart
Sibling of no one
Who likes trains
Who needs water
Who gives hugs and kisses
Who fears loud noises
Who would like to see Saturn
Resident of ?, OH

 Here is another one I really liked.

Autobiography Poem 2 copy
Smart, fast learner, nice, cool
Sibling of 4 step sisters and 2 brothers
Who likes Animorphs
Who needs help in math
Who gives cheer
Who fears spiders
Who would like to see Neil Armstrong
Resident of ?, OH

Really, they were all good.  One kid said, ‘Who feels awkward.’  I liked that.  A kindergartner said, ‘Who needs his mommy.’  So sweet.  Everyone loved this activity, and so did I!  Here is the template again.

Autobiography Poem Template

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”

(Psalm 139:14)


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