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Social Skills Posters & Cloze Activity

I created these social skills posters to help students learn the 16 essential social skills. I wanted to use visuals to help students learn the steps and give them a cloze activity to enhance their comprehension. Some students are more reluctant to do the cloze activities but it works for some! 🙂 These 16 social skills are the same that the PH program at my school uses for teaching social skills and replacement behaviors. They are a nice reference for role playing activities or for a resource room bulletin board!  Click on the thumbnails for the link to the product at my TpT store.

Social Skills Posters 1 Social Skills Posters 1 Cloze Social Skills Posters 3 Social Skills Posters 2

Blessings to you for working with kids who need this kind of support!!!

Love this one…

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you”

(John 15:4)


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