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Summertime Fun: Watermelon Cupcakes

It’s summer, and while I have been working on lots of things for my classroom and ideas for next school year, I wanted to share a fun summer treat.  I am no Martha Stewart by any means, but I love making cupcakes.  I came across a watermelon cupcake recipe on Pinterest while looking for watermelon summer teaching ideas and decided to make my own (easier) version!  I talked with my friend/SLP/baker extraordinaire and got some great tips. I had so much fun making these.  Here they are fresh out of the oven.

watermelon cupcakes 1

It’s not really a recipe but here is what I did…

I used a vanilla box cake mix and I added 1 bottle (1 dram) of watermelon flavoring oil.  My SLP friend picked some up for me a the cake shop.  They were only like $1 a bottle. Then I added rose gel food coloring to the batter.  I’m not sure how much.  I just added it until it was bright pink!  I also added black sugar pearl sprinkles.  I wanted to add black jimmies (to look like watermelon seeds) but Michael’s didn’t have any, so I got the black sugar pearls.  Jimmies would’ve worked better because the pearls started to turn the batter dark so I just mixed them in real quick and then poured the batter into the cupcake cups.  They turned out great and the sprinkles looked like seeds, but at the bottom of the batter there were a lot of seeds.  🙂

Then I added another bottle (1 dram) of watermelon flavoring oil to 1 and 1/2 cans of cream cheese frosting.  I also added leaf green food coloring gel to the frosting, to make a light and dark green batch.  I used piping bags to frost them with just the plastic opening and no tip.  Here they are…

watermelon cupcakes 2

They were really good, if you like watermelon.  They had a watermelon Jolly Rancher taste.  Yum.  I’m glad I took pictures because I made them for the workers at my husband’s basketball camp and by the time I got there all the frosting had melted off in my car.  Oh well.  They still tasted good!

Oh yeah, I also added a little sugar on the top to look like salt.

I hope you are enjoying summer!  I am.

“Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”

(1 Peter 5:7)


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