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Easy Peach Cupcakes

Here is one last fun summertime idea.  I had one dram of peach flavoring oil from the cake shop and I decided to try some peach cupcakes.  I love making cupcakes.  So here is what I did.  I used one box of white cake mix and I made it as directed on the box.  Then I added I bottle (1 dram) of peach flavoring oil, and a combination of pink and yellow food coloring gel so make the batter peach.  I baked them as directed.  I frosted them with plain old cans of buttercream frosting that I transferred into a piping bag.  I didn’t use any tip, just the plastic round opening.  They turned out pretty tasty and cute.  Here is a pic.

Peachy Cupcakes 1 copy

I had a lot of fun making these.  I stuck a peach ring in the frosting of each cupcake just for fun.  I made them for my mother-in-law’s b-day, and I made some for our neighbors who mowed out grass when we were out of town.  🙂  We ate the cupcakes with vanilla ice cream and it was delicious.  I really liked the watermelon cupcakes I made better, but I am a fan of watermelon flavored sweets.

Peachy Cupcakes 2

I hope you’re enjoying your last weeks of summer.  I’ve spend mine with my family and it’s been wonderful.  God is so good and He is always with me.  I love this song by Britt Nicole.  It says…

“All this time, from the first tear cry, to today’s sunrise, and every single moment between, You were there.  You were always there.  It was you and I.  You’ve been walking with me all this time.”

ALL THIS TIME by Britt Nicole

I definitely needed to hear that today, and I hope it speaks to you too.

Love, Courtney


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