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Teachers Pay Teachers Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale: It’s Coming!

Hi teachers!

Hopefully you are enjoying the day off and preparing yourself to give thanks and eat lots of food!  I myself am feeling blessed beyond measure and excited to eat!  I wanted to let you know that I will be having a HUGE sale this coming BLACK Friday through CYBER Monday.  I love Christmas, I love shopping and I love sales so it only seemed fitting.  This will be the biggest sale in the history of my TpT store.  All items in my store will be 20% – 50% off.   Also, be on the look out for Flash Freebies, as certain items will be posted in my store for FREE for one day only, Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  Click on the picture for the *link* to my store.


Here are some items I recently posted:

***Fluency and Comprehension Reading Intervention for All Seasons – Fourth Grade Level


***Addition and Subtraction Practice: S’more Games, Worksheets & Assessments


***Christmas Alphabet Activity – Letter Identification, Sequencing & Sounds

christmas alphabet activities

I hope that if you purchase or download anything, you love it!  If you have some time, please take a minute to rate my items.  I love to read that teachers and students can use the items I’ve created and that it helps them!  Reading thoughtful and kind feedback literally makes my day.  Additionally, if you would ever like me to alter a product to fit your needs, I am happy to do that.  I would also be happy to try to create an item for you if there is something specific you need.

 Thank you so much for following me.  Your support is amazing and humbling.

God bless you and merry Christmas!

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Fluency & Comprehension Reading Intervention for All Seasons: Fourth Grade Level

This bundle contains 35 original fluency passages I wrote and 2-3 comprehension and extension activities to accompany each one. Using one fluency passage per week, this would provide interventions for the whole school year. For each passage there is a teacher copy that you can print in color and reuse. There is also a black and white copy that you can print off for each student and record their scores on it. The comprehension questions and activities allow students to spend time on each selection and participate in close reading strategies to build reading skills. It draws upon Bloom’s Taxonomy to encourage higher levels of thinking skills.

Flesch Kincaid Readability Grade Levels range from 4.1-4.9 in chronological order. They are all on a fourth grade reading level.


4 2 4 3

*How to Use*
These fluency passages, comprehension questions and extension activities were designed to use as a reading intervention using the hot, warm and cold read strategy. For each week and fluency passage, it would look something like this:

Day 1: Cold read, discussion, comprehension questions (Lower levels of Blooms Taxonomy including Remembering and Understanding)
Day 2: Warm read, discussion, comprehension questions or activity (Middle levels of Blooms Taxonomy including Applying and Analyzing)
Day 3: Hot read, discussion, extension activity (Highest levels of Blooms Taxonomy including Evaluating and Creating).

It is always my goal to design the intervention to follow this format, but it is easier with some text and activities than others.
These materials could be used in other ways as well including as whole group fluency instruction or as homework. The genres of the fluency passages include poetry, fiction and informational text. The materials in this packet are aligned to several Fourth Grade Common Core Language Arts standards.

I also try to make the fluency passages a little more fun than other ones I’ve used. I included my fluency progress monitoring graph to track students’ fluency progress with this packet. I also included labels for file folders to create “fluency files” for each student. There is also 3 pages of ideas for creation/extension activities for day 3.

***This packet contains any fourth grade level fluency passage with comprehension activities sold in my store individually.***

I wanted to make this a great value for you. One fluency passage and comprehension questions is $2.00 in my store and in this bundle each passage and accompanying activities are less than $0.50 each, when they are not on sale.
If you like this, please rate me on Teachers pay Teachers or follow me.  Ask any questions before purchase please. You can e-mail me at or use the questions link on TpT. I am so happy to share this with you!

Take care and God bless!

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Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Activities

I know it is almost Thanksgiving, but I wanted to share this pumpkin themed resource!  This activity packet includes a blank pumpkin patch sequencing template for the alphabet, a template that includes some capital letters, and a template that includes some lowercase letters.  There are color pumpkin alphabet flashcards for both capital and lowercase letters.  There are also black and white pumpkin alphabet flashcards for both capital and lowercase letters. Additionally, there is a pumpkin patch template for spelling CVC pattern words and a letter matching activity where students match letters to spell Happy Halloween.  Click on the pic for the *link* to the item in my store.

Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Activities-1

I hope you love it!

“You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothe my with joy, that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. Lord my God, I will praise you forever.”

(Psalm 10: 11-12)

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Super Cute Spelling Test Templates

I posted a file containing 34 spelling test templates on to my store on TpT.  The themes are based on seasons, holidays, and other fun stuff.  There are two versions of each template.  There is a set of templates for 16 spelling words and a set for 10 spelling words.  It is 68 pages and costs $1.50.  Click on the picture for the link to the product in my store.

spelling test templates

You can use these templates in many different ways in addition to spelling tests.  For intervention, I use these templates to assess whatever skills I am targeting with students.  I hope you like them.

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