Christmas Fun in the Classroom – Happy Snow Day!

I must say finding out we had a “snow day” this morning was quite a treat.  🙂  I am enjoying the day off with my husband who is also a teacher, so I thought I would share some Christmas fun in the classroom.  A couple years ago I cut the lights off of a strand of Christmas lights to use in my resource room, and they are super fun.

christmas lights

I have found so many ways to use them.  Students use them for markers in ABC Bingo, or markers for roll and cover sight word activities.  I’ve also used them as manipulatives for Touch Math counting activities and for sorting by color!  The kids love them.  Of course I have working Christmas lights shining in my room too.

A few weeks ago I found this very cute “Countdown to Christmas” chalkboard plaque at the One Spot at Target.  It was $1.  And I changed it to the “Christmas Break” countdown and put it in my classroom.  I’m sure all teachers keep track of how many days until Christmas Break, but I thought this was fun, cute and cheap.  I let the students write down the number of days left and they like that.  Enjoy your December teaching.  It goes so fast!


Merry Christmas and Happy Snow Day!

“He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’…”

Job 37:6


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