Hello Chapter 2

Well, I’m back. And a lot has changed over the past couple years, that’s for sure. I resigned from teaching, had another baby, and my husband resigned from teaching as well. He took a position as the youth pastor at our church and just had his one year anniversary in that role. I’ll be honest, life is pretty crazy right now. Three kids got me like 😜 and it turns out being a youth pastor’s wife is a part-time job in itself. About once a week my husband and I stop and remind each other that we wouldn’t trade our hectic lives for anything in the world. Life is crazy beautiful. Here is my squad. 💓

And God has been urging me ever so gently but clearly to start blogging again. So here we are. I’m not in the classroom anymore so of course this will be a different kind of blog. But I’m praying over this platform, my words, and whatever impact they might have on whoever reads them. I’ll be sharing truths that I feel spirit lead to share, anecdotes from working in youth ministry, adventures in mommyhood, party prep, crafts, and maybe a few old teaching tales. So stay tuned! 📻