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Behavior Intervention Bundle {Charts, Data Collection, Templates & More}

This zipped folder contains a variety of materials that can be used for behavior intervention for students with a range of behavioral needs in grades K-5.  Click on the pictures for the link to the item in my TpT store.


medium-1335611-2 medium-1335611-3

Puzzle Token Boards (PDF)
Students can earn or lose pieces based on their behavior. As a contingency contract, the student must have one piece left to earn their incentive. As a token board, student must earn all 4 pieces to receive their reward. (You can also cut the puzzles into more pieces to fit your needs). I typically use these puzzle token boards for younger students who need a daily incentive to shape behavior.

Puzzle Coloring Token Boards (PDF)
Students earn puzzle pieces for target behaviors and color in pieces as they earn them during the day or part of the day (you can use 2 a day, one for morning and one for afternoon if that works better). Student must earn all 4 pieces to receive their reward. I typically use these puzzle token boards for younger students who need a daily incentive to shape behavior. They also provide small incentives throughout the day, if they like to color.

My Personal Behavior Clip Charts (mini classroom versions) (PDF)
This file contains 5 versions of personal behavior charts that you can print on cardstock, laminate, attach a mini clothespin, and use with your students.

Editable Personal Behavior Clip Charts (2 Word versions)

Individualized Behavior Charts with a Weekly Reward (PDF)
This file contains 5 charts that you can use with students. I’ve used visuals for 5 incentives that are popular with my students, or there is a blank template you can use. Print and put in a page protector and record behavior using symbol of your choice (star, smiley, etc.) or print a sheet each week, keep track of student’s behavior on the sheet, and have the completed sheet serve as 6 weeks worth of behavioral data. Finally, arrange the reward time at the end of the day on Friday with your student.

Hole punch Behavior Charts (PDF)
These charts can be used as contingency contracts where students must keep a certain amount of tokens un-punched, or as token boards where they receive punches for good behavior.

Functional Behavioral Information (PDF)
This file contains a poster of the 4 functions of behavior, an assessment tool I created, and some ideas for prevention and incentives for behavior. The assessment tool and list are not research based assessments; just a quick tool you can use to get started.

Behavior Chart Samples and Templates (PDF)
This file is a compilation of the different behavior charts I’ve made for students. Some serve as token boards where students earn tokens for desirable behaviors, and some serve as contingency contracts where students lose tokens for unwanted behaviors. I’ve included examples to use as reference and removed the specific information to create templates for you to write on and use.

Editable Behavior Charts PowerPoints (Portrait & Landscape)
These slideshows are compilations of different behavior charts I’ve made editable for you to use with your students. For best results, download all the CK Fonts (100) available in my store for personal and classroom use, as these are the fonts I’ve used in the templates. I also recommend downloading and installing CK Picture Schedule Pics font and the CK School Pics font which come in very handy in creating behavior charts. I’ve added text boxes where I would edit the documents, but feel free to add or remove them as needed.

Behavior Reminders for Students (PDF)
This file is a handful of the different behavior reminders I’ve made for students. You can use these reminders by taping them on students’ desks, on their planners, in the hallway, as a pin they wear and on your lanyard.

Behavior Intervention Plan Editable Template (Word)

Behavior Documentation and Data Collection Forms (PDF)
This file contains different forms I’ve created to track behavior data. I’ve made these forms editable for you using text boxes. For best results, download and install CK Fonts sets 1-5, available for free for personal and classroom use in my TpT store. You can use this behavior data and documentation to monitor students’ IEP or RTI progress, or for information for a Functional Behavioral Assessment.

Behavior Documentation and Data Collection Editable Forms (Word)

Behavior Contract Template (editable Word and non-editable PDF versions)

Basic Behavior Rules (PDF)
This file contains basic behavior reminders for students as well as larger visuals for each rule if you’d like to make them your classroom rules and post them.

CKPictureSchedulePics True Type Font File

CKSchoolPics True Type Font File

I included several samples and editable documents in the hope that you can find something to work for you and your students, but because every student has different behaviors, needs, schedules, and motivation, you may have to tweak some of the documents to meet your needs. .

*** For best results you need to download all CK Fonts (sets 1-5) available in my store for free for personal and classroom use. You’ll also need to download and install CKSchoolPics and CKPictureSchedulePics fonts included in zipped file. Otherwise, the textboxes may look funny and not be formatted properly. ***

On the editable documents, add or remove text boxes as needed and if you’d like to hide something, simply insert a textbox filled with a white background over what you wish to hide. If you need support using any of these materials, please contact me at and I’ll be happy to help.

Because I understand how difficult behavior intervention can be, I tried to make this an AWESOME value for you. It’s about $0.04 a page, plus specialty fonts. I hope you love this folder and that you can use it to really help both you and your students! If so, I’d really appreciate your feedback and follows. 

Thank you so much and God bless you!
Courtney Keimer

“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.  If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.  Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.  Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

(Luke 6: 27-31)

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Special Education Teacher Binder Editable {Templates, Data Collection & More}

I created this product because I am an Intervention Specialist who likes (tries) to be organized and who likes things to be pretty. This folder contains 2 editable PowerPoints and I also added the main 2 fonts I used to create the documents for your convenience. You can use the fonts to edit your binder and for any other personal and classroom use.  Click on the picture for the link to the item in my store!


medium-1350462-3 medium-1350462-4 medium-1350462-2

One portrait PowerPoint (46 pages) that contains 10 binder divider pages including 2 cover pages, IEPs, 504 Plans, Condensed IEPs, Behavior Plans, Student Data, Calendars, Parent Communication Log, and Lesson Plans. There are also templates to use in each of those sections of your binders. Additionally, there are 6 editable binder divider pages in this PowerPoint, and 3 pages of inspirational quotes.

One landscape PowerPoint (47 pages) that contains 12 calendar templates (for each month) and additional templates to use in each of the divider sections. There are also 6 pages of landscape editable binder divider pages.

A main component of this file are the progress monitoring forms (49 total) that are in both slideshows. These forms are for tracking progress various skills for students K-5. All the pages are editable in the slideshows by adding textboxes wherever you’d like to add text. I have already added textboxes on the editable binder divider pages, but not on the other templates. If you want the text you add to match the binder divider pages, download and install CKRounded and CKPurple, which are both included in the file. I created most of the progress monitoring forms to be printed and written on, which is how I use them when I assess students. For other templates, such as the behavior plan template, etc. you can add textboxes to edit the documents. If you’d like the fonts to match, download CKFonts (sets 1-5) available for free in my store for personal and classroom use, and match them to the document you are editing.

I hope you love this file and that it helps you keep things organized and pretty! 😉 If you need any help, email me at If you like it, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your feedback and follows.

Have a great school year!

With special education teacher love,
Courtney Keimer

This is my first day at home with my beautiful new baby girl and my amazing 2 year old little boy.  They both fell asleep at exactly 1:50 and I feel like Superwoman.  Praise the Lord!

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad it in!”

(Psalm 118:24)

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Picture Schedule Font

I created this font because I wanted an easy way to create a picture schedule or behavior chart for students. The font includes 72 glyphs. The uppercase letters are picture schedule pics with labels including lunch, bathroom, gym, etc. (See the preview for the complete list.) The lowercase letters are the same pictures without labels, so that you can title them differently if you’d like. Numbers 0-9 are behavior expectation pics, with and without labels, and there are a few additional pictures you might like to use.  Here is the preview.

Picture Schedule Font Preview

Click on the pics for the *link* to the product at my TpT store.

Picture Schedule Font 1 Picture Schedule Font 2 Picture Schedule Font 3jpg

I hope you love it!

And here is a good one for you…

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.

(1 Corinthians 2:9)

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Sight Word Flashcards with Visuals

I made these flashcards to help students learn their sight words using the visuals cues. I do a Multiple Intelligences assessment on each of my students and so many of my students are visual learners, I wanted to give them a strategy that worked for them! Also, in a reading course I took while working towards my special education licensure, I read that when visuals are embedded in the materials, students are more likely to make the connection, so that is what I tried to do. I made the graphics and the font. For some of the sight words it was easy to come up with a visual to accompany the text. Some of the sight words are abstract and were a little more difficult, so I came up with auditory cues to help students understand all the visuals and put everything together for them. The idea is to use these flashcards until students are able to identify the all the words immediately, and then gently wean them off the visuals. I have product packets on TpT that contains sight word flashcards with visuals for the pre-primer and primer lists, auditory cues to accompany the flashcards, flashcards without visuals, a checklist for progress monitoring and a graph for progress monitoring. These materials have really worked to help a lot of my students.  Here are the links.

sight words pre primer pic          Primer Flashcards Preview

Also, here are blank flashcard templates I made that students to use to help them learn sight words or vocabulary.  On the first page, students can draw pictures to accompany their sight words or vocabulary.  On the second page (not pictured), students can make tactile flashcards using glitter glue or plastic screens and crayons.


Sight Word Flashcard Template

 Sight Word Vocabulary Flashcard Template (for visuals and tactile cues)


That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9


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State Testing Checklist!

State testing is coming up and I want my students to have the best chance possible of passing.  Of course.  🙂  I made this picture checklist for each of my students.  They all receive accommodations and will be testing one on one or with a small group.  The person administering their test will fill out the checklist and then I can see how my students did!  It is really an effort checklist, which is more important to me than if they pass or not.  This week I am having my students fill out the bottom portion and choose an incentive to work for.  I hope I can celebrate with each of my students after they crush the state tests!  Maybe you can try it with your students!

Testing Checklist

Testing Checklist