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A Sitewide Sale & A New Product!

Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a sitewide sale called “Teachers Are Heroes!” Love it. The sale is this Wednesday, February 25. Use the promo code HEROES to receive 28% off your purchases!


I recently added a product which I am super excited about. It’s a fluency and comprehension pack of 8 passages on a sixth grade reading level. The theme? Social Media. What could be more relevant?! It is regularly priced $5.00 but will be marked down to $4.00 during the sale, plus you can get it for an additional 8% off using the code!

social media fluency preview-1

social media fluency preview-22 social media fluency preview-12 social media fluency preview-6

This packet contains 8 fluency passages with accompanying comprehension activities. The fluency passages range from 6.1 – 6.9 Flesch Kincaid readability levels. They are all on a sixth grade reading level. Each passage describes a different social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Vine. They are all nonfiction informational text.

Using one fluency passage per week, this would provide interventions for 8 weeks. For each passage there is a teacher copy that you can print in color and reuse. There is also a black and white copy that you can print off for each student and record their scores on it. The comprehension questions and activities allow students to spend time on each selection and participate in close reading strategies to build reading skills. It draws upon Bloom’s Taxonomy to encourage higher levels of thinking skills.

*How to Use*
These fluency passages, comprehension questions and extension activities were designed to use as a reading intervention using the hot, warm and cold read strategy. For each week and fluency passage, it would look something like this:

Day 1: Cold read, discussion, comprehension questions (Lower levels of Blooms Taxonomy including Remembering and Understanding)
Day 2: Warm read, discussion, comprehension questions or activity (Middle levels of Blooms Taxonomy including Applying and Analyzing)
Day 3: Hot read, discussion, extension activities (Highest levels of Blooms Taxonomy including Evaluating and Creating).

These materials could be used in other ways as well including as whole group fluency instruction or as homework. The materials in this packet are aligned to several Sixth Grade Common Core Language Arts standards.

I try to make my fluency passages a little more fun than other ones I’ve used and who doesn’t love social media? I included my fluency progress monitoring graph to track students’ fluency progress with this packet. I also included labels for file folders to create “fluency files” for each student.

***Make sure you teach your students about safe Internet use rules, social media etiquette and guidelines. For the majority of these sites, you need to be at least 13 years of age. You may want to get parent permission before using these materials with your students.***

Feel free to use the Q&A link on TPT for any questions you might have!


“But test everything; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.”

(1 Thessalonians 5: 21-22)


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Behavior Intervention Bundle {Charts, Data Collection, Templates & More}

This zipped folder contains a variety of materials that can be used for behavior intervention for students with a range of behavioral needs in grades K-5.  Click on the pictures for the link to the item in my TpT store.


medium-1335611-2 medium-1335611-3

Puzzle Token Boards (PDF)
Students can earn or lose pieces based on their behavior. As a contingency contract, the student must have one piece left to earn their incentive. As a token board, student must earn all 4 pieces to receive their reward. (You can also cut the puzzles into more pieces to fit your needs). I typically use these puzzle token boards for younger students who need a daily incentive to shape behavior.

Puzzle Coloring Token Boards (PDF)
Students earn puzzle pieces for target behaviors and color in pieces as they earn them during the day or part of the day (you can use 2 a day, one for morning and one for afternoon if that works better). Student must earn all 4 pieces to receive their reward. I typically use these puzzle token boards for younger students who need a daily incentive to shape behavior. They also provide small incentives throughout the day, if they like to color.

My Personal Behavior Clip Charts (mini classroom versions) (PDF)
This file contains 5 versions of personal behavior charts that you can print on cardstock, laminate, attach a mini clothespin, and use with your students.

Editable Personal Behavior Clip Charts (2 Word versions)

Individualized Behavior Charts with a Weekly Reward (PDF)
This file contains 5 charts that you can use with students. I’ve used visuals for 5 incentives that are popular with my students, or there is a blank template you can use. Print and put in a page protector and record behavior using symbol of your choice (star, smiley, etc.) or print a sheet each week, keep track of student’s behavior on the sheet, and have the completed sheet serve as 6 weeks worth of behavioral data. Finally, arrange the reward time at the end of the day on Friday with your student.

Hole punch Behavior Charts (PDF)
These charts can be used as contingency contracts where students must keep a certain amount of tokens un-punched, or as token boards where they receive punches for good behavior.

Functional Behavioral Information (PDF)
This file contains a poster of the 4 functions of behavior, an assessment tool I created, and some ideas for prevention and incentives for behavior. The assessment tool and list are not research based assessments; just a quick tool you can use to get started.

Behavior Chart Samples and Templates (PDF)
This file is a compilation of the different behavior charts I’ve made for students. Some serve as token boards where students earn tokens for desirable behaviors, and some serve as contingency contracts where students lose tokens for unwanted behaviors. I’ve included examples to use as reference and removed the specific information to create templates for you to write on and use.

Editable Behavior Charts PowerPoints (Portrait & Landscape)
These slideshows are compilations of different behavior charts I’ve made editable for you to use with your students. For best results, download all the CK Fonts (100) available in my store for personal and classroom use, as these are the fonts I’ve used in the templates. I also recommend downloading and installing CK Picture Schedule Pics font and the CK School Pics font which come in very handy in creating behavior charts. I’ve added text boxes where I would edit the documents, but feel free to add or remove them as needed.

Behavior Reminders for Students (PDF)
This file is a handful of the different behavior reminders I’ve made for students. You can use these reminders by taping them on students’ desks, on their planners, in the hallway, as a pin they wear and on your lanyard.

Behavior Intervention Plan Editable Template (Word)

Behavior Documentation and Data Collection Forms (PDF)
This file contains different forms I’ve created to track behavior data. I’ve made these forms editable for you using text boxes. For best results, download and install CK Fonts sets 1-5, available for free for personal and classroom use in my TpT store. You can use this behavior data and documentation to monitor students’ IEP or RTI progress, or for information for a Functional Behavioral Assessment.

Behavior Documentation and Data Collection Editable Forms (Word)

Behavior Contract Template (editable Word and non-editable PDF versions)

Basic Behavior Rules (PDF)
This file contains basic behavior reminders for students as well as larger visuals for each rule if you’d like to make them your classroom rules and post them.

CKPictureSchedulePics True Type Font File

CKSchoolPics True Type Font File

I included several samples and editable documents in the hope that you can find something to work for you and your students, but because every student has different behaviors, needs, schedules, and motivation, you may have to tweak some of the documents to meet your needs. .

*** For best results you need to download all CK Fonts (sets 1-5) available in my store for free for personal and classroom use. You’ll also need to download and install CKSchoolPics and CKPictureSchedulePics fonts included in zipped file. Otherwise, the textboxes may look funny and not be formatted properly. ***

On the editable documents, add or remove text boxes as needed and if you’d like to hide something, simply insert a textbox filled with a white background over what you wish to hide. If you need support using any of these materials, please contact me at and I’ll be happy to help.

Because I understand how difficult behavior intervention can be, I tried to make this an AWESOME value for you. It’s about $0.04 a page, plus specialty fonts. I hope you love this folder and that you can use it to really help both you and your students! If so, I’d really appreciate your feedback and follows. 

Thank you so much and God bless you!
Courtney Keimer

“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.  If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.  Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.  Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

(Luke 6: 27-31)

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A Milestone Achievement and a *MONSTERS* Flash Freebie to Celebrate!

This week I am celebrating a “milestone” on Teachers Pay Teachers!  To celebrate, I made my MONSTERS Fluency Passage, Comprehension Activities & Craft Outlines FREE for one week only as part of the celebration.  This product was featured on, posted yesterday, August 19 with this comment:

“Spookily cool! MONSTERS Fluency Passage, Comprehension Activities & Craft Outlines is free for a moment in celebration of a recent milestone achievement. Well played, Courtney Keimer!”

Check it out here!

MONSTERS Feature Link!

Click on the picture for the link to the ***Flash Freebie*** in my TPT store!


medium-871995-2 medium-871995-3 medium-871995-4

Additionally, I was featured on the Teachers Pay Teachers Newsletter and Blog on August 17 as a “Milestone Achiever!”

Here is the link if you’d like to check it out!  {I am #9!}

Teachers Pay Teachers Blog

I am so humbled and beyond excited about this opportunity.  Teachers Pay Teachers is such a blessing!

And I love this verse…

“May my teaching drop as the rain, my speech distill as the dew, like gentle rain upon the tender grass, and like showers upon the herb.”

(Deuteronomy 32:2)

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Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale!

August is here and it’s time to get ready to go back to school!  To celebrate, Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a website wide sale.  As a seller, I am also participating in the sale and selling all my products at 20% off (excluding bundles which are already 20% off the regular price!), and with the website discount, you can save up to 28% off of everything!  Just use the promo code BTS14 to get the additional savings!  Click on the picture for the link to my store!


TeachersPayTeachers® is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original downloadable educational materials, hard goods and used educational resources.  Teachers Pay Teachers believes that real teachers create the most relevant and engaging educational resources.  Their open marketplace model supercharges resource quality, quantity, and availability. It benefits sellers who enhance their craft, reach more students and create more engaging resources.  It benefits buyers by offering innovative, teacher-tested ideas and saves them time creating their own materials!

Bringing educators together forms a powerful community that shares best practices, raises the bar for all, and compensates our best curriculum developers.

In the end, everyone wins, especially students. And that’s what it’s all about. 🙂

(From Teachers Pay Teachers Website – About Us).

The sale runs Monday and Tuesday, August 4th and 5th.

I hope you get great deals and love everything you get!

Thank you so much.


“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

James 1:17

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Teachers Pay Teachers Appreciation SALE: May 6 & 7

National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5-9!  To celebrate, Teachers pay Teachers is throwing a Teacher Appreciation Sale Tuesday May 6th and Wednesday May 7th.  I will be running a sale in my store offering 15% off.  Use the promo code TPTXO to receive additional savings offered through the website!


Thank you teachers for everything you do.  Please check out my many freebies in my store, my gift to you.

With teacher love and appreciation,


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Spring Tree Counting Math Center Activity {Freebie!}

I made this template for students working on counting with one to one correspondence for numbers 1-20. This file includes tree templates for numbers 1-20, a blank tree template just in case, and flowers to use as counting manipulatives. You can use these in several different ways. First, I would print them on card stock, laminate and/or put them in a page protector. Then you could set them all out, (or just the numbers you are focusing on!) and have students put the corresponding number of flowers on the tree, or you could give students one tree at a time, maybe during a small group intervention. It would also make a nice math center activity. It can be used as a practice activity or as an assessment tool. I have students use these plastic flower rings (like the kind that come in cupcakes) on the trees, but I added the flowers so you have some on paper to use. You could also use any kind of little fake floral. In the fall, you could use little apples! I like this activity because it is hands-on and engaging and a cute activity for spring! I hope you like it!  Click on the picture for the link to the item in my store.  It is currently FREE, as my spring gift to you.  Enjoy!

spring tree

spring tree 1 spring tree 2 spring tree 3

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

(Romans 8:28)

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S’more Addition and Subtraction Practice: Games & Worksheets for Intervention

Spring is finally here so I thought it would be fun to share a camping themed addition and subtraction packet.  Even if you are not a fan of camping, I’m pretty sure everyone loves s’mores.  This packet is aligned to several first grade common core standards for addition and subtraction. It is also aligned to some kindergarten and second grade standards. I will be using these materials for special education and for RTI math intervention, but they can also be used as supplements to curriculum in general education classrooms.  Click on the picture for the link to the item in my store!

smore 1

smore 2 smore 3

The packet contains flashcards for all single digit addition and subtraction problems (sums 0-18). You can use these flashcards for practice or for games like matching, sorting, etc. (You will need to print out extra copies of the “campfire” answer cards for games.)

There are 10 pages of story problem worksheets for numbers within 10. (5 are addition and 5 are subtraction). There are also 10 pages of story problem worksheets for numbers within 20. (5 are addition and 5 are subtraction). All the story problems are camping themed.

There is a template for adding 3 digits activity. Students roll a die 3 times and record each roll on the template, then add the numbers to find the sum.

There are 10 pages of “What’s Missing?” addition pages where students find the missing number in a given addition equation. There are also 10 pages of “What’s Missing?” subtraction pages where students find the missing number in a given subtraction equation.

There are 10 pages of “True or False?” addition pages where students decide if a given addition equation is true or false. There are also 10 pages of “True or False?” subtraction pages where students decide if a given subtraction equation is true or false.

There are 10 pages of addition speed drills (sums 0-18), and 10 pages of subtraction speed drills (differences 0-9). You can time students as they complete these worksheets to build their fluency.

There are 30 S’more Bingo templates (3×3). To win, students must get 3 answers in a row that build a s’more (1 marshmallow, 1 chocolate and 1 graham cracker.) You can adjust the game rules to meet your needs, e.g. students have to build 2 or 3 s’mores to win or winning spaces don’t have to build a s’more. You can use the flashcards (addition, subtraction or both) to call out equations for students to find the answers to on their bingo boards. There is also a blank bingo board (5×5) you can use and have students fill out.

Finally, there are 5 mixed review worksheets (addition and subtraction mixed) that you can use to assess students’ fluency on the facts within 10.

I hope you love this packet and that it really helps your students! Hopefully, they will be “happy campers!”  😉   If you like it, I really appreciate your feedback and follows. Thank you so much!

“For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.”

(Song of Solomon 2: 11-12)